Direct Veneers

Edelweiss Dentistry working with Prof. Dr Didier Dietschi of Geneva University gave birth to a completely new formula, where we can create a completely new smile, nice shaped teeth with a bright shade in only one visit!

Edelweiss Dentistry is a team that creates brand new ideas and formulas based on dental industry and promoted by experts dentists all over the world. It is the first time that the dentist can create a new smile by reshaping the teeth with pre-made models and nano-hybrid composite. The models are made by glass that is strengthened by laser technology.

We can change with this procedure:

  • Deformities of front and also back teeth
  • Difficult tooth shades and enamel staining that can not be cured by whitening
  • Diastemas or light crowded teeth
  • Worn out teeth

Advantages of this procedure are the following:

  • Nice result, pain free ( not even a needle is needed ), in only one visit
  • Non-invasive technique, the tooth is not drilled
  • Natural appearance and bright white shade
  • Long lasting
  • Reasonable price

It is an ideal formula for cases that are indicated and can be offered by dentists-experts in the cosmetic field, that they have the experience in using Direct Veneers.


Patients From Aboard

We have a big number of patients who live all over Greece and Abroad ! We can treat the whole mouth, no matter how difficult case will be, without staying in Athens for long !



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