Periodontal Treatment

Gingivitis is a gum infection due to food dervis that as a main symptom gives gum bleeding without any obvious reason or while brushing.

Periodontitis is a serious oral disease due to gram- microbs that infect all the tissues around the tooth and its bone underneath.

As a result, periodontitis is one of the most frequent reasons for losing teeth, sometimes even healthy, that lose their support from the jaw.

The solution for gingivitis and periodontics is only the dentist.

He is the one who can support the patient with scale and polish, surgical periodontal techniques, in the whole mouth or in parts of it.

Laser is available in cas is needed.


Patients From Aboard

We have a big number of patients who live all over Greece and Abroad ! We can treat the whole mouth, no matter how difficult case will be, without staying in Athens for long !



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